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The Snug room is a safe and secure space where professional men and women can discuss concerns, frustrations, issues and anything they deem relevant in relation to their dating lives or relationships. Dating and being successful in relationships is a skill, it is not luck. The Snug Room equips you with those skills so that your interactions with the people that you want to interact with are more positive and meaningful.

The Snug Room services clients all over the world and the team assist our clients with the knowledge and steps to be more confident within themselves and to be in healthy positive relationships. From helping your self esteem and realising your worth, to assisting with the plethora of skills needed to be successful in dating, to guidance on communicating effectively, Chris and the team are positioned to help, so wherever that you are geographically located we will be able to service you.


Not convinced?
Think of it like this.

If your goal was to become a competent tennis player within 6 months to compete in a tennis match, having never played tennis, sure you could pick up a racket and play and be mediocre Im sure. Compare that to the person who invests in a tennis coach to improve different parts of their game, from movement, serve, drop shot, forehand , backhand, lob ......... you get the picture. This individual would undoubtedly have better results in a match after 6 months. The same principles apply to dating. A lot of the time, we as individuals are not even aware of the areas we are lacking so when it comes to dating we cant be "competitive" with the vast amount of people who are looking for success just like you are in finding love. As with the Tennis analogy, Tennis and Dating are a skill, it isnt luck.

Chris Jones

If you want to achieve your goals then please get in touch. We would love to help you.

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