Chris is so easy to talk to, I felt at ease with him as soon as we started talking. He tells you things straight but with a little sweetness to go along side it. He is caring and really wants to help. Chris has listened to me many times and given great advice. He has helped me to feel empowered to act on things I knew would be good for me but hadn’t been doing.

I have understood things about my relationship and have been able to improve it because of his advice.

He can help you to truly make a difference in your love life while and help you to raise your self esteem and understand your own value and worth. I’m very happy to be able to recommend him and am sure that he will help whoever chooses to work with him.


Chris has a unique and refreshing approach to providing dating advice

Rather than the cliches trotted out by other relationship coaches he relates your problems to his years of extensive knowledge as well as his personal experiences and provides real world examples.

Alex K
Age 31

I went through a divorce after 15 years with the same man

After getting into a rebound relationship, I decided to try casual dating on and off for a year. Navigating casual dating had it’s own set of challenges! What I’ve found even more of a challenge though, is navigating serious dating. Especially having had a “casual” mindset for the last year. Chris has really helped me look out for red flags and ensured that I don’t waste time and energy on people that aren’t being transparent and straightforward. Through speaking to Chris, I now have higher expectations of what somebody should bring to a relationship. He’s helped me regain confidence in myself and celebrate who I am. He’s encouraged me to be confident in being myself and really helped me develop the mindset that the right person will come, who will appreciate me exactly the way I am. This has made me feel a lot more relaxed about the process and removed the anxiety that is associated with dating. I love coming to Chris for advice as he’s always direct and to the point and of course we always manage to inject some humour into the situation which is so important, as dating is supposed to be fun!

Age 42

I am Dave, a 35 year old man from London.

I was in a deep hole in the dating world not being able to attract the opposite sex and when I did it never got past the first or second date as I suffer from anxiety. I was looking for my life partner in one of the biggest cities in the world but was very lonely & found the whole process challenging.

I had heard of the work of chris Jones from a friend & what I can say with great clarity is Chris has changed my life in such a positive way it’s been amazing.

Chris spent 3 months with me focusing on areas to improve through personal reflection, these areas were hindering myself from potentially finding my match. Chris has transformed my life, I now find myself in a serious committed relationship & have Chris to thank for helping me understand myself better. The journey wasnt an easy one but one I needed and I couldnt of done it without his help. Ultimately I was holding myself back from finding true love if it wasn’t for chris I would be the old unhappy Dave. I would strongly recommend working with chris to fulfil your happiness.

Age 35

*Chris has a unique style of candid honesty with his dating advice

He has a realistic and humorous outlook on love, life and dating that helps you to develop an understanding of why you are doing or accepting certain behaviours from people rather than wondering why certain things keep happening to you.

Chris helped me to date men with a more positive influence and navigate through a difficult dating pool, with no a no holds barred approach. If you’re struggling with dating, especially the wrong type of people I recommend a conversation with Chris, not only for solid advice but to always come out of it laughing.

Age 24

After being in long term relationships for the past 10 years

The dating world was a daunting place for me. Being single was so new to me at the time and I really didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of putting myself back out there but Chris really helped me with building my confidence up to approach it again. At the beginning I would tend to over think things so I would come to Chris for advice and validation in dating and he truly kept it 100% real with me so I would then keep a level head. I still come to Chris now to update him on my love life and he continues to offer me friendly and honest advice. He has also helped me realise that being single is a thing to be celebrated and to just enjoy what dating can offer.

Age 32

About 1 month ago I had the pleasure of hearing Chris on Club House in one of the rooms

The advice he was sharing showed so much honesty and compassion that I followed him. A couple of weeks later he had a contest and I was one of the lucky winners to have a one on one session with him. At that time I was not really interested in dating due to fear. I was married for 20 years and divorced 12 years ago. My dating life has been unsuccessful meaning non existent and my lack of understanding how the dating world worked made me not want to try. During the one on one Chris encouraged me to take a chance along with several tips on dating. He was patient and spoke to me in a way that made me feel like I was having a talk with a family member who wanted to make sure I was knowledgeable, but also safe when going on dates.

My friend introduced me to her brother and we we had a phone date last night that was great. The insight and courage Chris gave me made a difference with my confidence and willingness to want to try again.

Thank you Chris for having a passion for helping others. Your Love shows that you really care and I appreciate you pushing me back into the world.

I will keep you posted on how the next date goes.

Age 51
Detroit Michigan,USA